VW Series

VW Series Scroll
Air Compressor (2.2-7.5KW)

- One - piece scroll airend, few spare parts, low linear speed, low wear, high reliability and low maintanence cost.
- High concentricity, small rotation radius, continuous, stable air suction, and discharge, very small airflow pulsation, and extremely low noise.
- With air-intake pressurization technology, volumetric efficiency is up to 98%. No friction from wearing of moving mechanism, high mechanical efficiency, low energy consumption.
- Horizontal air receiver tank to lower the center of gravity of the machine, and steerable casters on the bottom of the air receiver tank for quick and flexible movement.
- 220V single phase power supply for 4VW, rated discharge pressure of 0.8MPa, mainly for home use, such as maintanence of lawns, repairing of equipment and etc.
- 380V 3 phase power supply for 6VW/10VW, 50Hz/60Hz, Rated discharge pressure of 0.8/1.0MPa to meet different air pressure and air consumption volume demands.